Annona is a food and drink WordPress theme. Restaurants can present their online identity with verve and bring customers through the door.


Annona’s featured page guides users to the types of content that would fit well in that area without being too rigid. The theme suggests spots for a menu, testimonials, and hours/directions. However, site owners have significant leeway in these choices.

The featured page is divided into rows of content. Each one is laid out differently to create a sense of discovery for visitors as they scroll the page. Here’s a rough summary of the sections and generally what they’re used for.

  • Hero Image
  • Featured links (useful for attaching a menu, for instance)
  • Content #1 (great for hours and info)
  • Hero Image #2
  • Testimonials
  • Content #2 (About the org)
  • Secondary calls to action, like visiting the store and newsletter signup.
CTA section and widget area

Annona also supports Woocommerce to help users get a merch store off the ground.

Layout and Design

Annona strives for a warm, inviting, informal presentation that relies on a bright color palette and creative use of images to make visitors to the site feel welcome. Users can add SVG backgrounds bundled with the theme to strike a whimsical note in some of the content areas.

Mobile image section
Testimonial Section
Testimonial section

Annona’s slide out nav and full width content area focus attention on food and on the information diners need to know, such as hours of operation, location, and menu. Navigation is readily available when needed, but most visitors don’t need to visit five pages on a site to decide “hey, that burger looks tasty”. UI shouldn’t distract from the content that will have customers deciding to eat at your establishment.

annona mobile nav
Mobile nav
Slide out nav

Annona Links