Composition Book


Composition Book is a blogging theme, and a blogging theme should be legible above all else. Design priorities included text contrast, short line length, and relatively little clutter on the page.

Composition Book is especially good at showing images, with the featured image accorded plenty of room in each template. There are also two templates specifically designed to feature images even more heavily:

The Banner Header option, which swaps out the normal header to make room for a full-width, full height image header.

The Panel page, which can display up to four feature-sized images along with foregrounded text.

Panel Page Template
Panels Page
Mobile panel page template
Mobile Panels
banner header template
Banner Header

Designed to work for every end user on every device, Composition Book meets WordPress’ accessibility-ready criteria.


Composition Book blog page

Composition Book has a two column layout for its blog page on most screen sizes, shrinking to one on mobile devices. This layout lends itself well to infinite scroll on index and archive views if you want to enable that feature with jetpack.

Mobile Index View
Mobile Comments

Users can also choose to have their posts appear in a “standard” view or with the title overlaid on the featured image.

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