Kite is a multipurpose WordPress theme. Blogging and portfolios are two of its greatest strengths.


Kite has a featured template to present the highlights of an individual or an organization and direct visitors to other parts of your site for more information. My humble suggestion is that it would make a good homepage. It has a number of sections that can be reordered in the customizer to suit the user’s needs.

It includes a “hero” image and blurb with a space for a call to action.

Other sections include a row of cards that can house services your provide, a raison d’etre for your site, or any superlatives you want to brag about. A pull quote area allows someone else to do some bragging on your behalf, and another featured image, presented in parallax, gives the content some breathing room. Finally, we have a “picture nav”, which lets you direct visitors to other areas of the site. A background image revealing itself when the mouse hovers the link previews what they’ll find there.

One possible ordering of sections on the feature page.

Layout & Design

HTML and CSS lend themselves well to rectangles, and sometimes designers get bored of this and crave more sophisticated geometry. That’s what I wanted to do with Kite. Granted, it doesn’t go too far afield, instead settling on the modest parallelogram as a thematic shape. Some examples of parallelograms in the theme are pictured below.

Post header
A card element from the featured page
A card from the featured page
Mobile blog page

Hopefully, the slants effect a ramshackle but tidy vibe as you scroll the site.

Content generally takes most of the full width of the page to allow users to harness Gutenburg on the back end. Post meta elements draw a lot of attention to themselves compared to many themes, with authors, dates, and taxonomies having an almost button-like appearance.

The blog page

Kite Links